Type: Sake

Alcohol: 16%

SKU: 817945



Elegant fragrance and fascination are created solely from the silky drops that shaped this notable junmai daiginjo from Toko Shuzo.  Fukuro-Tsuri (Drip-sake) is made from only drops, produced by gravity from moromi (fermentation mush) in a hanging filter bag. It has an elegant fragrance of apples, wild strawberries, and musk melon and a dense, fascinating taste of lychee, ruby grapefruit, and a hint of white pepper. It’s magnificently aromatic, with smooth, soft flavours.

The fruity flavor and the smooth texture will leave an impression of ripened fruits – you won’t believe it is sake made from rice.  Fukuro-Tsuri pairs beautifully with a wide range of cuisine including seafood ceviche, roast beef, and avocado & shrimp salad.