Remy Martin Louis XIII 3L Jeroboam



LOUIS XIII Jeroboam contains a blend of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie, aged over time and re-created every year by our Cellar Master to get the same emotion and same aromatic profile since 1874. All our eaux-de-vie originate from grapes grown in Grande Champagne , the premier cru of the Cognac region. The individual eaux-de-vie have been carefully selected over time by generations of Cellar Masters and slowly matured and blended in ancient French oak casks. Every LOUIS XIII Jeroboam contains the lifetime achievements of generations of Cellar Masters, each thinking a century ahead to create the distinctive taste and aromas of LOUIS XIII.

Each LOUIS XIII Jeroboam decanter is unique and handmade by Europe’s finest crystal artisans and is individually numbered. The distinctive silhouette is based on a 16th-century flask found at the site of the Battle of Jarnac in France. Thought to date back to 1569, the flask inspired LOUIS XIII founder Paul-Émile Rémy Martin when he was looking to create a vessel for his prestigious cognac.
Delivering a fitting sense of occasion, your LOUIS XIII Jeroboam will arrive in a protective wooden trunk and accompanied by four exclusive glasses, a display, a book, a letter from the Cellar Master, an invitation to Cognac and a spear (pipette) – a tool traditionally used by generations of Cellar Masters to extract our cognac with the lightest touch as part of a unique tasting ritual.