Type: Baijiu

Alcohol: 53

SKU: 852877


It takes a special kind of guts to name your product ‘Eternal Youth’, but this Moutai edition gives it a good try. This is a blend of the classic Moutai profile – a sauce aroma that’s famous everywhere – with traditional Chinese herbs and fruits.

There’s a very natural match of longan fruit (which is a bit rotten-smelling when ripe anyways), wolfberry, and the earthy tone of angelica.

The nose comes off at first like a weird espresso, but then you realize: it’s high-end dry cocoa powder. There’s of course that sharp sauce-aroma tanginess that punches out first, but as that settles down it mellows into a fiery but milky drinking chocolate, with a hint of toasted straw. A really interesting expression of Moutai!