Type: Sake
Alcohol: 15%


“Daishichi Minowamon” is a junmai daiginjo made with the kimoto method, using Yamada Nishiki sake rice polished with the superflat rice polishing technique. We have succeeded in eliminating all off-flavors that in the past remained even in rice for daiginjo, and realized an unprecedented gentle, mellow texture of remarkable delicacy, and a natural, elegant aroma. The level of flat rice polishing we attained was such that the grains became transparent. This even surprised Mr Tomio Saito, the theorist of the flat rice polishing method, and made him exclaim: “This is my ideal rice polishing!” Based on that success, we have stopped using the conventional rice polishing method and now only use the superflat rice polishing method for all our products. Daishichi Minowamon has won gold medals in both the ginjo and junmai sections at the Tohoku Sake Awards. Abroad, it has earned the highest praise from world level professionals at the Vinexpo, the largest alcoholic beverage fair in the world held in France, as well as from top-class restaurants in New York.