Type: Single Malt

Alcohol: 43%



The Cadboll is a Glenmorangie single malt originally released for the Travel Retail market. Created from Cadboll Estate barley, grown only in the fields surrounding our highland home, and distilled in Scotland’s tallest stills, delivers a unique creaminess. We age it in hand selected American oak bourbon casks to create a single estate whisky of oaky depth and rounded smoothness.

This whisky brings a nose of oaky intensity, biscuit and orange oil, softened with honeycomb, jasmine and rose. Creamy tastes of butter candy, white chocolate, pears and mandarin are balanced by menthol, before a rounded and deeply sweet finish.

The name comes from The Cadboll Cup, a silver goblet dating back to the 16th century from which the Macleods of Cadboll enjoyed their wine. Not quite on the level of the Holy Grail, but at some point someone probably said “Let’s go get that Cadboll Cup from those people,” and started some sort of quest. Anyway, the name comes from that vessel and inspired the use of wine casks for this release.