DiaoYuTai – Yun Men Jin Cui – 500ML


Type: Baijiu

Alcohol: 53%

SKU: 856294


The Diaoyutai Baijiu is a sauce aroma liquor made in Maotai Town, Guizhou, China, where the water, geology, and climatic circumstances are ideal for creating liquor.

Diaoyutai liquor is made with local high-quality glutinous sorghum, wheat, and water, making use of the unique natural conditions to preserve the traditional sauce-aroma liquor brewing technique. From manufacture to storage to delivery, the entire process takes more than 5 years. It uses the liquor blending process, in which grain liquor is created from whole grains and fermented organically without the addition of any additives.

The fragrant liquor of Diaoyutai sauce is full and mellow, beautiful and subtle, and has a lasting aftertaste. The scent is sweet but not overpowering, modest yet not insignificant. Baijiu’s sauce scent lingers for a long time.